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ProtectionPro Unveils Comprehensive Screen Protection Ecosystem Ready For Samsung Galaxy S24 Series and Beyond

February 4, 2024

TAMPA BAY, Fla. – February 5, 2024 - ProtectionPro, the original on-demand device protection system and the pioneer in the cut-on-demand screen protector market since 2011, today announced an extensive new range of screen protector films and cutting-edge machines, alongside the innovative NXSe app. Starting out as ClearPlex, a paint protection film from Madico, Inc., ProtectionPro has evolved to set the gold standard in screen protection, reflecting a decade-long commitment to innovation and quality. This launch includes tailored protection for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, with nine new film types designed to meet the diverse needs of modern consumers and marks the most comprehensive update to their screen protection solutions to date. Now, new Samsung S24 customers can get immediate screen protection from a variety of films, including its premium Ultra series of films, as well as Matte and Privacy options.


In addition to the new films, the introduction of the ProCut XL and ProCut Mini machines, alongside the groundbreaking NXSe app, marks a significant leap forward, offering unparalleled precision and customization in screen protection. "Our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has been our guiding star since our inception as ClearPlex in 2011," said James Adams, Director of ProtectionPro. "We're proud to continue this tradition by offering a comprehensive ecosystem that not only caters to the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series but also sets a new standard in device protection."


This comprehensive ecosystem is poised to transform screen protection, offering our current distributors and retailers, as well as potential new distributors and retailers, a unique opportunity to deliver the highest level of device safety and customer satisfaction. ProtectionPro invites interested parties to explore these new solutions and join their global network in setting new benchmarks in device protection.


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ProtectionPro, originally known as ClearPlex and the original on-demand system, has been the leader in on-demand device protection since2011. Evolving from paint protection film to a global leader in electronic device protection, ProtectionPro offers cutting-edge solutions for mobile phones, tablets, and more, setting industry standards with a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.