New Design Request Form

ProtectionPro has over 47,000 device patterns in our ever-growing cut-on-demand app and continues to add new designs every week. If you have a new, old or unique screened device that you would like to add to the app library, you can provide images one of three ways: Using the PIXSCAN mat, scanning your device, or capturing photos with actual measurements.

Please provide clear and accurate images using one of these methods and submit your new design request using the form below.
Adding a new design is simple and usually takes 24 hours.

For accurate screen sizing, download and print the PIXSCAN file here and how to use the PIXSCAN mat here.
Alternatively, you can use a flatbed scanner for devices.
Option 3: Have a Screen Display That Cannot Be Scanned?
For screen displays that cannot use the PIXSCAN mat or flatbed scanner (like car navigation, motorcycle or maritime screen displays), you can still get an accurate screen design image by following these instructions to get an accurate image with measurements. The better the measurements, the more accurate the design.