What is ProtectionPro?

ProtectionPro is an innovative cut-on-demand solution offering custom-cut screen protection for a wide variety of devices. Our new FlexiFit® Film technology ensures a perfect fit for any device, providing superior protection and durability.

Can I order custom screen designs for my store?

Absolutely! ProtectionPro offers over 46,000 device patterns and continues to add hundreds of new designs every week. If you have a screened electronic device (healthcare monitor, older phones, upcoming screened product) that you would like to offer screen protection, let us know. We can add it to our design library and make it available globally, usually within 24 hours. Contact support@protectionpro.co for details and stay tuned for our new Design Hub (coming soon).

How does the ProtectionPro app enhance the customer experience?

The state-of-the-art ProtectionPro app streamlines the selection and cutting process, providing easy access to our extensive design database and ensuring a precise fit for any device, so every screen protector is custom-cut and installed for the customer.

How does ProtectionPro's ecosystem benefit store owners?

The ProtectionPro ecosystem allows stores to expand their product offerings significantly without needing extensive inventory. A few SKUs can provide protection for thousands of devices, including new and legacy models.

How does ProtectionPro ensure customer satisfaction?

We prioritize customer satisfaction through quality products, reliable customer service, and a seamless purchase and application experience, backed by our dedicated support team.

What initiatives does ProtectionPro take to minimize environmental impact?

ProtectionPro takes its environmental impact seriously. From designing products to extend their usable life, ensuring all products are REACH and ROHS compliant to reducing its overall carbon footprint by recycling its VOC gasses, ProtectionPro by Madico makes its products with sustainability in mind.​

The ProtectionPro solution helps customers with their sustainability goals of a smaller carbon footprint with less need for packaging using less shipping.​​ In 2024, all of ProtectionPro's packaging was converted over to recycled paper using soy-based ink. Additionally, the ProtectionPro brand, as part of the larger Madico and parent company, Lintec's initiative, has created a larger initiative with SGS goals, including ISO 14001:2015 Environmental certification.

Are ProtectionPro products made of recycled and or recyclable materials?

Screen protector film inherently is a petroleum by-product, however much progress has been made to create both pre- and post-consumer recycled products as well as new advances in recycled materials. ProtectionPro continues to evaluate these technological advances and will add new recycled and recyclable products that meet the quality that our customers expect

Are ProtectionPro screen protectors easy to apply?

Yes, our screen protectors are designed for easy application. Whether you choose the Pro (wet) solution which uses our proprietary ProInstall Gel, or the standard (dry) installation ideal for volume installations or newer associates, the ProtectionPro system can get you up and running in less than an hour. Sales associates can find the right device pattern in the app, create the perfect cut and do the installation fast and easy, so they’re focused on your customers and not on the technology. We also provide detailed instructions and live support to ensure a smooth, bubble-free application, every time.

What types of films does ProtectionPro offer?

ProtectionPro offers a variety of high-quality films, including ultra-clear, matte, privacy, and anti-glare options, catering to different user preferences and needs. For a full list of films, visit our products page.

What types of electronic devices can ProtectionPro protect?

Our range covers nearly every screened electronic device, including smartphones, tablets, watches, and laptops. Our cutting-edge technology ensures a perfect fit every time.

Can ProtectionPro screen protectors be used on devices with
curved screens?

Yes, our screen protectors are designed to fit devices with various screen shapes, including those with curved screens, ensuring a snug, protective fit.

How durable are ProtectionPro screen protectors?

Our screen protectors are made with high-quality materials, providing exceptional durability and scratch resistance to keep devices safe from everyday wear and tear.

Where can I purchase ProtectionPro screen protectors?

ProtectionPro products are available through our network of authorized retailer and repair stores.

Can ProtectionPro protect devices beyond phones and tablets?

Absolutely! Our technology is versatile enough to protect a range of devices, including wearables, gaming consoles, and other screened electronics, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Can ProtectionPro films be applied over already damaged screens?

We advise against installing ProtectionPro films on damaged screens, e.g. screens that have cracks. You can install ProtectionPro films on screens that have superficial scratches. The best practice is to install ProtectionPro screen protection when you first get a new phone to ensure its protection and to keep it looking new longer.

Do ProtectionPro films affect the screen's touch sensitivity or display clarity?

No. ProtectionPro clear films do not affect the touch sensitivity or the display clarity.

Can I install ProtectionPro films on screens that have an under-display fingerprint sensor, and can I cover the Face ID sensor?

Yes, you can. ProtectionPro clear films do not interfere with the sensors and can help protect camera lenses.

How do the ProCut XL and ProCut Mini machines differ?

The ProCut XL has a cutting area of up to 19.2" (487.68mm), which can protect devices up to 17" (431.8mm), accommodating all 46,000 ProtectionPro screen designs, using ProtectionPro film sizes from x-small to x-large. The ProCut Mini is more compact with a cutting area of 12.3" (312.42mm), focusing on designs up to 11" (279.4mm) that can be cut using small film up to medium+ film size, ideal for a wide variety of smaller devices, including wearables, smartphones, and tablets using the medium+ film size.

How does the analytics feature of ProtectionPro benefit businesses?

Our advanced analytics tools offer valuable insights into sales trends, popular designs, and customer preferences, helping businesses make informed decisions and tailor their offerings.

How does ProtectionPro stay ahead in offering protection for
the latest devices?

Our dedicated team continuously updates our design database, ensuring that we offer protection for the latest devices as soon as they hit the market, keeping our partners and customers always ahead.

Is there a training program for sales associates?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training for sales associates to ensure they are well-equipped to recommend and apply ProtectionPro products effectively. Also, our in-app AI assistant can help walk new sales associates through any step in real-time.

How can I become a distributor of ProtectionPro products?

Interested distributors can contact us directly by filling out a form here. We offer attractive terms and support to help you succeed in distributing our products.

How can I add ProtectionPro products to my store?

Interested stores can contact us directly through our website or contact one of our authorized distributors. Setup is fast and easy to begin adding new revenue immediately.

What kind of training does ProtectionPro provide to its partners?

We offer extensive training for partners, covering product knowledge, application techniques, and customer service to ensure they are fully equipped to offer the best service. You can access the current Training Hub here.

What marketing support does ProtectionPro offer to its retailers?

ProtectionPro provides robust marketing support, including promotional materials, digital marketing assets, and in-store display options, to help retailers effectively promote our products. If you are a store or a distributor currenting offering ProtectionPro, contact us here to get access to our Brand Hub.


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