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Screen Protection with FlexiFit™ Film Technology

Introducing ProtectionPro's diverse film collection - Ultra2 Pro, Ultra Matte, Privacy, and Omni - each with a specialized "Pro" version for wet install precision and a regular version for quick, easy dry installation, catering to every screen protection need with innovative layers and application methods. Learn more about each of the products below.

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Screen Protection For Any Device


Comparison Chart
Our film never shatters and is self-healing to keep your devices looking like new. Compare the benefits of each film and choose the protection best for you.
AttributeUltra 2 ProUltra Matte ProPrivacy ProOmni Pro
Film TypePremiumMatte2-Way Side View
30° Privacy Matte
Available Film SizesXS, S, M, L, XLSmallSmallSmall
Device CompatibilityAll DevicesAll DevicesMost Phonesall Phones
Machine CompatibilityLegacy & NewLegacy & NewLegacy & NewLegacy & New
Ease of Install
Impact Protection
Scratch Resistance
Optical Clarity
Touch Sensitivity
Precise (wet) / Easy (dry)WetWet (dry available)Wet (dry available)Wet (dry available)
Eco - Recycled/RecyclablePackagingPackaging PackagingPackaging
Eco - Sustainability

The ProtectionPro Difference

ProtectionPro offers the most comprehensive on-demand system available. As the original on-demand system who pioneered cut-on-demand, the ProtectionPro combination of film, machines, state-of-the-art app is complemented by superior training and best-in-class customer support.

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  • Full end-to-end Pro install service which includes fast and easy setup and hands-on training. Continuous in-app e-learning and always-on help available for new staff.

  • Generate revenue within hours. 100% device coverage by carrying just 5 skus. Always-in-stock inventory means you never miss a sale. Live business insights reporting maximizes effectiveness.

  • Digital and In-Store marketing support to help customer engagement and drive traffic to stores. Merchandising for discoverability & POP support customizable for your store/brand.

What Is FlexiFit™ Technology?

ProtectionPro's unique combination of film, cutting pattern style, and personalized on-demand solution, allows stores to offer protection for ANY product, from the oldest to newest phones, to that specialized new screened product just hitting the market. Additionally, the flexibility in product offerings, machine options, and even branding options allows for full flexibility when it comes to providing the perfect solution for your customers.

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  • ProtectionPro On-Demand system allows you to protect all the latest screen devices as well as any older devices as well.


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